The Launch Pool

The Launch Pool is an escrow mechanism built on top of the Credit Pool that enables crowdfunding campaigns for launching new networks.

The Launch pool allows groups of network participants to pool together and raise capital via a crowdfunding campaign. To do so, participants form a new Stable Credit network and have Stable Credit lines assigned to them. They then overdraft their new credit lines and deposit the desired amount of Stable Credits into the Credit Pool.

The surrounding community, be it existing or potential customers of members, can then purchase Stable Credits from the pool in the form of "gift cards".

Since the Launch Pool is designed to facilitate crowdfunding operations, it withholds both - Stable Credit and fiat/crypto deposits - until a target sum of fiat/crypto has been raised. Once the desired amount of fiat has been collected from the public, the contract uses the Credit Pool to disperse gift cards to customers, while participating businesses receive the withheld fiat/crypto. If the desired amount has not been reached in a pre-specified timeframe (set before launch), the contract remits all funds back to depositors.

Note that participating businesses now carry a Stable Credit debt equal to the amount of circulating gift cards. New members joining the network will find many businesses already willing to accept Stable Credits in order to service their fiat/crypto debt, which expedites growth in the early stage of these networks significantly.

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