Inter-Network Trade

Stable Credit networks are closed, and often permissioned, trading networks. This means that in most cases, members can send Stable Credits only to members of the same network. This is the case since the closed nature of Stable Credit networks is essential to the utility they provide as a means to clear and settle debts among members (as it has been shown under “Stable Credit Lifecycle”).
In order for members of a given network to trade with members of other Stable Credit networks, the debt-clearing function needs to be extended to the inter-network level. The Stable Credit Clearing House fulfills this function by clearing and settling trade deficits among Stable Credit networks in a similar way to how member debts are cleared and settled within a given network. In the following chapters we will show how this is orchestrated in a permissionless manner, allowing an arbitrary amount or Stable Credit networks to interact without having to trust each other’s credit policy or monetary integrity.
The first Stable Credit Clearing House implementation is currently under construction. Be sure to follow ReSource socials for development updates.